Evade zombies, pick up health packs, become the final survivor! If you're caught, you become a zombie and join the hunt!
This game is free to play!
Ages 18+
Suitable for adults or supervised children
Requires smartphones
Requires a medium or large, safe and varied indoor or outdoor area
Groups 4+
Perfect for groups of 4 or more
How to Play
Games usually last around 10-20 mins and work best with 15-25 players
When you start the game, players have a short amount of time to run away before the zombies are released
When the game time begins Survivors try to evade Zombies and stay alive for as long as possible. Your danger compass shows where Zombies are while the central compass leads you towards health packs - pick these up to stay alive for longer! If a Zombie gets close to you they can infect you! If you get infected you become a Zombie and join the hunt!
Zombies attempt to infect all of the Survivors by getting as close as possible, then tapping the 'Infect' button! But watch out: Infection takes time to recharge! For every Survivor you infect you get a bounty. Follow the compass to locate the Survivors
Get to the finish!
When the game time reaches zero you can no longer score points and players see a compass and a countdown timer. Get to the location shown by the compass before the time runs out to keep any points you've scored!
To play Zombies, get the free PlayCulture app, then start a new game by tapping the lightning bolt icon and selecting Zombies
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