PlayCulture is supported by our fabulous community and we exist to give everyone access to play. If you like what we're doing, please consider donating to help us grow!
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PlayCulture is a community-supported movement focussed on creating fantastic outdoor games for adults
Game Foundry
Most existing outdoor games are very simple (usually designed for kids) and player success usually depends on physical ability alone. We are creating a new generation of outdoor games designed specifically for adults brains, that use your mind and your body
This means creating both carefully-balanced physical games, and games supported by the PlayCulture app
PlayCulture App
The PlayCulture app allows players to take part in large-scale outdoor team games with score-keeping and other game dynamics that aren't possible with physical-only games
It's completely free and we actively encourage game leaders to use the app to support their businesses or community groups
The app also provides a number of tools to help people build communities around outdoor play, such as groups, event creation and management, and nearby search functionality
Easily play a selection of exciting, sneaky, competitive outdoor games, and create groups and events to build your community
Events and Community
We run regular free-to-attend gameplay events and community meetups, as well as larger paid events and community experiences. Our events represent our latest thinking and create ideal conditions for playful minds to thrive
Our events are a great way to learn about how we do what we do, and how to use our tools (the PlayCulture app in particular) and see how you might be able to use them in your own event, community or business
Our purpose is simple: to make people feel like they're 10 years old again. We believe adults deserve the same care, support, enthusiasm and open-mindedness that we show to kids - and re-learning the art of play opens the door to this
Creating a playful mindset is about many things - exciting games are one of them, but movement, conversation and music are also very important. We continue to put considerable time into understanding the human mechansisms that open the door for a shift in culture, both for the individual person and across the community
From urban games to circus arts, create groups and meetups to start building your community. We exist to support playful culture in all its forms
If you love what we're doing please consider supporting to help us grow!
Business Model
PlayCulture Ltd is a private company that's supported by a mix of grant-funding and direct support from our community, through one-off donations and monthly subscriptions from our Patreon supporters
We wear our values loud and proud: Personal experience is number one and everything we do is focussed on that. We don't run advertising (and never will) because we believe it's bad for people. We don't accept VC/Investment money, because we don't want outside interests to affect our work. We give away our tools and experiences for free, because we are focussed on supporting people, not on profit
If you have any questions or you'd like to get involved then we'd love to hear from you!
We are currently looking for a key sponsor who shares our values. If that's you, please get in touch