Seektag is an exciting, sneaky, competitive game that encourages creative thinking and problem solving!
Time to run away!
Set up a game using the free PlayCulture app and wait for your players to join. When you start the game, players have a short amount of time to run away and hide before they can start scoring
Get spotting!
When the game time begins, players try to spot each other without getting seen! If you spot another player and correctly enter their number into the app, you get 5 points! If the player you've seen then spots you back, you lose those 5 points. If you enter a number wrongly you will lose 5 points.
Tag zones!
Players can also score points by entering any of the game zones. These zones can be located using the compass on the game screen and are automatically tagged when you enter them.
Get to the finish!
When the game time reaches zero you can no longer score points and players see a compass and a countdown timer. Get to the location shown by the compass before the time runs out to keep any points you've scored!
To play Seektag, get the free PlayCulture app for iOS or Android, then start a new game by tapping the lightning bolt icon on the PlayCulture app home screen
Please note: 3-digit numbered vests are required in order to play Seektag
Prefer to just turn up and play? Our free-to-attend Seektag Meetups are a great way to make new friends and have some fun!
To play Seektag, player must wear 3-digit numbered vests. Pick up a game-ready Seektag vest pack to run your own games!