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Fri 6th - Sun 8th Sept 2024
The organizer's commitment and dedication is outstanding from the setup and equipment to the activities, home-made food, and personal care in every single moment. It was an amazing experience
I attended the Summer Camp three weeks after my first PlayCulture event and it was wonderful. I especially loved the games involving teamwork. I had an absolute blast with the rope maze, both the designing and the participating were a ton of fun
The games were extremely creative and fun! The location was just beauuuutiful and so perfect and quiet and isolated, but still very easy to reach. And the food was really delicious! And the cakes! Idk what to say literally everything was amazing :)
Camp was such a great way to spend the weekend!! I loved how conversations just flowed with anyone you turned around to talk to. All the Playculture games got me pumped up and yet I felt so relaxed and calm at the end of the day
We're building a new generation of socially-driven games designed specifically for adult brains with many and varied playing styles
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Our official gameplay afterparty! Expect some of the most out-there conversation you've ever heard. We talk love, art, universe, chaos and music with a super chilled vibe in the warm glow of gorgeous sounds