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Fri 6th - Sun 8th Sept 2024
Fresh new games, great people and tasty food with a relaxed atmosphere that was both action packed and laid back. I felt like a kid again for the weekend!
The blind rope maze was awesome! It was a five star luxury bunkhouse and the catering was great!
I attended the Summer Camp three weeks after my first PlayCulture event and it was wonderful. I especially loved the games involving teamwork. I had an absolute blast with the rope maze, both the designing and the participating were a ton of fun
This is the best weekend getaway! Ben and team are amazing! Looking forward to the next one!
We're building a new generation of socially-driven games designed specifically for adult brains with many and varied playing styles
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Our official gameplay afterparty! Expect some of the most out-there conversation you've ever heard. We talk love, art, universe, chaos and music with a super chilled vibe in the warm glow of gorgeous sounds