PlayCulture is supported entirely by our fabulous community and we exist to give everyone access to play. If you like what we're doing, please consider donating to help us grow!
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Book a collaborative, highly social team-building experience for your students
All the Playculture games got me pumped up and yet, I felt so relaxed and calm at the end of the day
The game leader's commitment and dedication is outstanding from the setup and equipment, to the activities. It was an amazing experience. You can feel when people really believe in and enjoy what they are doing
Teams sessions are suitable for Secondary Schools, Universities and a range of other youth groups and organisations
Travel costs may be applicable for locations over 100 miles from Hertfordshire, UK
Discounts are available for multiple bookings
How can learning through play benefit your students?
Learning to communicate effectively and to prioritise information, develop decision making in a social context, learning to read people and predict intentions, forming and developing friendship
Focussing on a game can help to develop fitness without realising it, reduced social pressure when compared to traditional sports, suitable for a broad range of abilities
A wide variety of player roles can help students to discover their role within a team and develop understanding of their value and strengths
Our games are designed specifically to develop the senses and to provide a rounded and enjoyable sensory experience
All of our leaders are basic DBS checked. Please contact us to arrange enhanced checks or if you have any other requirements
How does it work?
We usually like to arrive about an hour before the sessions starts to assess the space and set up our equipment
For our Physical games we ideally need a large safe area suitable for active sports, such as a field or sports hall, however please get in touch if you need to discuss your options
Our App-Supported games work best in large outdoor pedestrianised areas, such as school campuses - the larger and more complex the better
We begin with playful warmup, designed to wake up our brains and get everyone connected to each other
If you've selected our Physical (or hybrid) package we'll begin with some sensory team games, and get more physical as the session goes on. We have a range of exciting physical challenges that allow players to be sneaky, creative and competitive. All necessary equipment is provided
If you've selected our Hybrid package, we'll begin with the physical games as described above, then move on to App-Supported games afterwards
If you've selected our App package we'll get everyone's smartphones ready and discuss the rules of each game, then play some rounds! Seektag is a sneaky spy game, Zombies is a large-scale infection-based tag game, and Pirates is a dastardly, competitive pirate role-playing game. We'll discuss which games are the best fit for your group when you book
Bespoke events
If you have any questions about PlayCulture Teams or you'd like to discuss a bespoke event, we'd love to help. Please contact us using the button below
If you'd like to try our games before you book, or you'd just like to see how we work, why not come along to one of our free gameplay events?