Every Player wears a 3-digit number on their front and back. Numbers (on bibs or paper) are randomly shuffled and handed out to the Players before a game. Players should put on their numbers only once out of sight of all other Players. It's obviously possible to cheat after a few games using the same numbers, but that's not the spirit of the game! Players should only input numbers they can actually read during a game.
Seektag can be played as All vs All, or in Teams. Points are scored individually for all Players on a Team and are averaged after the game. Team members do not have to stay together. Sharing of information is allowed.
The location of a selection of zones are shown by the compass on the game screen. Enter any of these zones to automatically tag them and score points! Note that when playing in randomly generated arenas, not all zones are necessarily accessible.
Players are not allowed to deliberately obstruct their number or the numbers of their team members. As Seektag can be played in public spaces, members of the public have priority at all times. Players must not endanger themselves or anyone else during play. Don't run across roads, around blind corners or take any risks – safety comes first. Remember: You are responsible for yourselves. Only play games in areas where you have permission to do so.
Record the number of another Player, without that same Player recording your own number
Tag one of the active game zones (maximum of one tag on each zone per game)
Record an incorrect number - Be sure about what you have seen before logging your score!
The PlayCulture App will keep track of scoring for you! Click here to download it for free...
The difficulty of a given game depends on the size of the numbers the players wear
9cm Number Height (~60m Visible Range)
7cm Number Height (~40m Visible Range)
5cm Number Height (~20m Visible Range)
3cm Number Height (~10m Visible Range)