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Zombies is a large-scale infectious outdoor tag game! Evade zombies, pick up health packs, become the final survivor!
Our Gameplay Meetups are 100% FREE and open to everyone (kids are allowed if accompanied by an adult). We are LGBTQ+ friendly and encourage everyone to be who you are
From being an apple farmer wielding a pool noodle in the dark woods, to being blindfolded and forced to rely on my team mates, I never stopped feeling like I was a kid again!
Fresh new games, great people and tasty food with a relaxed atmosphere that was both action packed and laid back. I felt like a kid again for the weekend!
"London's Most Infectious Fitness Experience!"
ZombieTag Gameplay
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Event Details

Zombies is a large-scale infectious outdoor tag game! Evade zombies, pick up health packs, become the final survivor! If you're caught, you turn into a zombie and join the hunt!

This experience uses the PlayCulture app to track your progress and award points based on how long you can survive or how many players you infect! Compete with the other attendees to become the final survivor or the most deadly zombie!

If you like outdoor fitness, social times, group activities, games, adventures, sports or new ways to exercise, you will love Zombies!

What happens at our meetups?
Your friendly game leader will explain the rules and kick off the first game! Games last about 15 minutes, with about 5 minutes of social time in-between to laugh about who got infected and how! We'll play about 5 games overall. At the end of the meetup we get food and hang out until the owls are hooting
How does the game work?
Players divide into team Survivors and team Zombies. Survivors try to evade the Zombies (using the danger compass to see where they are), and can pick up health packs to stay alive for longer. If a Zombie gets too close they can infect you! If you get infected you become a Zombie and join the hunt! At the end you will see a leaderboard showing everyone’s scores
Can I bring my friend?
Absolutely! If you want you can stick together and play as a ninja team! Just select extra tickets if you are bringing someone with you
What to bring
- Smartphone with mobile data, fully charged battery and PlayCulture App installed
- Comfy shoes
- Bottle of water
What not to bring
Please don't bring a bag/backpack as we don't have anywhere to store bags

* Please note that we may film or take photos at our events, either for promotion or for our YouTube channel

The whole experience was great for the soul. I have made new friends who are now my go to activity buddies. I highly recommend it to your inner child!
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