SuperPlay is an exciting outdoor gameplay event, featuring big games like Capture the Flag, Finch and Blind Assassin!
Book your free ticket for our funny, exciting and social outdoor games meetup! Real outdoor games in the heart of London!
The whole experience was great for the soul. I have made new friends who are now my go to activity buddies. I highly recommend it to your inner child!
The extremely welcoming and wholesome vibes, the beyond awesome people that you could connect with immediately, I could let out my inner kid again... but surrounded by smart adults with none of the kid drama and all of the mad strategizing instead!
"These games are funny, social and tactical - perfect for making new friends as well as challenging your mind and body!"
Ben Roper - PlayCulture Founder
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Event Details

We've taken some of the best games from our Summer Camp and turned them into a an exciting, challenging and social mini-camp!

All games and activities are optional and there's no pressure to compete - this is just a fun way to get some exercise and make some friends!

What happens at our events?
Your friendly game leader will explain how the games work and lead a little warm up, then game-on! At the end of the meetup we get food and chill until the foxes are out... maybe even play some ZombieTag!
Can I bring my friend?
Yes please! Just select additional tickets if you are bringing someone with you
What to Bring
- Trainers and comfy clothes that you don't mind getting a bit muddy!
- Bottle of water

* Please note that we may film or take photos at our events, either for promotion or for our YouTube channel

Excellent for meeting new people or bonding as a company
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