Escape Workshop
Escape brings some of our most innovative, funny and captivating games to brand new audiences!
Escape, our latest touring play workshop is coming to Camden in May! Try our latest batch of exciting, social and sneaky games designed specifically for adults!
From being an apple farmer wielding a pool noodle in the dark woods, to being blindfolded and forced to rely on my team mates, I never stopped feeling like I was a kid again!
I enjoyed playing Seetag! Ben explained the rules clearly and provided the materials needed to have a fun evening. I would recommend this game for active people :)
Escape Workshop
Sorry, we don't have any events available at the moment. Please check back soon, or join our Meetup group.
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Event Details

Escape brings some of our most innovative, funny and captivating games to brand new audiences! Laugh, make new friends and challenge your mind and body as you escape the world together!

All games and activities are optional and there's no pressure to compete - this is just a fun way to get some exercise and make some friends! We are LGBTQ+ friendly and encourage everyone to be who you are.

For this workshop we are being hosted by Antidote, who create uplifting and unusual workshops in London for adults to have fun and make friends! Antidote offer music, dance and games sessions every week that act as an antidote to the seriousness of everyday London life!

What happens at our events?
Your friendly game leader will explain how the games work and lead a little warm up, then game-on! At the end of the meetup we get food and chill until the foxes are out
Can I bring my friend?
Yes please! Just select additional tickets if you are bringing someone with you
What to Bring
- Trainers and comfy clothes
- Bottle of water

* Please note that we may film or take photos at our events, either for promotion or for our YouTube channel

Seektag means feeling like a kid again!
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